High Availability K8S Deployment With CI/CD Based On Gitlab And Helm

K8Support through Linnovate, is at the forefront of cloud native CI/CD platforms. We expertly designed a cloud boilerplate - offering an easy and accessible solution for enterprise cloud infrastructures.

The Keys To Transformation
Unlock the speed, agility and innovation within your organization by implementing a flexible, secure and scalable cloud platform.
K8Support through Linnovate offers a fast, simple and secure solution to deploy Kubernetes, empowering you to achieve more.

Don’t fret on losing work if you need to rollback, our solution offers a safe method of undoing changes.

We offer customized solutions so you can quickly deploy Kubernetes and connect securely. Using a cloud application life-cycle management (cloud ALM) platform, we will save you money and ensure you’re running the most modern cloud technology. Primarily working with an application of CMS (content management systems) such as Wordpress or Drupal, we can customize your needs, support any project and provide solutions for you.
Delivered Features
Ingress Controller(nginx)

- Flexibility in web server configuration for each domain (like timeout, max cache size) - Auto provisioning domains/subdomains protected with verified SSL certificate (letsencrypt issuer) Possibility Reverse proxy for each microservice

High Availability

- We use auto-scaling for microservices based on resource consuming. - Integrate pod resource limits

Developers Independence

After local development is done, developers can push their changes to git and immediately see results on remote k8s clusters. - Cluster can be managed through Rancher (unified multi k8s cluster management.)


Promotheus/Grafana based monitoring of cluster


2 multi-branch (git) and multi-cluster deployment enables autodeploy in specific clusters.

By The End You'll Have
Customizations According To Your Needs, Support For Any Project and a Tailored Solution Just For You


Multi-cluster separate dev and production load and avoid consuming production resources by testing env Allows to perform unit tests on dev cluster (every push to develop branch deploy new microservice on dev cluster) and end-to-end application testing on staging Granular control on production and staging versions - application (combination of microservices) is combined only from verified microservices and install as a single package. Deployment for stage and prod environment is manual to prevent auto-deploy for non-approved version We use rollout update in our CI-CD which allows fast microservice version bumping with no-downtime

K8S Visualization

Every application version (application is a composition of microservices) is pushed to the container registry and harbor (helm chart registry). From git you can see all application tags that was done, bump or downgrade the version With Harbor you can connect it to another cluster and easily deploy applications on another cluster. Harbor also contains all versions available and approved for deploying.

A Simple and Accessible Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
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